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Keith Sell Plumbing & Heating are here to help you with your oil, gas and LPG heating requirements throughout Newark, Grantham, Lincoln, Leicester and Nottingham areas to name a few.

The majority of the United Kingdom’s households have natural gas central heating; there is an estimated 3.6 million who are not connected to the gas network.

In the places where there is no gas network, for example, remote, rural areas, some homes are reliant on home heating oil (Kerosene 28) or liquid petroleum gas (LPG).

This is where Keith Sell Plumbing & Heating come in, we have the necessary skills and fully qualified plumbers to install service and maintain every type of central heating system in existence.

Oil Central Heating

Home heating oil (Kerosene 28) is usually used in an oil-fired boiler which heats water, providing radiant heat to radiators or underfloor heating and hot water to your taps, bath and shower.

The chief difference between natural gas and heating oil is that the oil is delivered to your home in a tanker, and transferred to a bunded oil storage tank, somewhere on or near your property; which is either bought or rented from your heating oil supplier.

Keith Sell Plumbing & Heating can supply and install two types of oil-fired boiler – the heat-only type and the condensing combination oil-fired boiler. The majority of oil-fired combi boilers encase hot water storage for hot water for your domestic needs as opposed to the usual boilers which heat the water instantly, as needed.

Benefits In Using Oil-Fired Central Heating:

  • Heating oil is very efficient therefore there’s a good return on every unit of energy
  • Condensing Combi boilers achieve efficiencies of more than 90%
  • Prices fluctuate – buy when cheaper
  • Ideal for areas where there is no natural gas network

Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) Heating:

In remote rural areas it is not always possible to have natural gas central heating systems as there is no gas network. An alternative is the use of LPG, which works in a similar manner to natural gas. As with home heating oil (Kerosene 28), LPG is also delivered by road in a tanker lorry, and, once it arrives on your property, is transferred to a storage tank, which is either rented or bought from your supplier of the LPG.

Benefits Of Using LPG Heating:

  • LPG is a extremely efficient fuel, and gives a good return on each energy unit
  • Replacing a LPG Standard boiler with a modern Condensing boiler is moderately simple
  • LPG prices can change – purchase when cheaper
  • A realistic alternative to natural gas or home heating oil (Kerosene 28)

Natural Gas Central Heating Systems

Condensing Combination Gas Boilers provide both central heating and instant hot water. They give priority to hot water, so when hot water is being run through a tap or in the shower, they will not produce heat for the central heating system.

Advantages Of A Natural Gas Central Heating System

Natural gas, like Home heating oil (Kerosene 28) and LPG, is an exceptionally efficient fuel source, so you get a first-class return on every unit of energy. Up to date condensing boilers, which utilize hot flue gases that are surplus in a standard boiler, have high-ranking efficiency. Several condensing combination boilers are now far more than 90% energy efficient.

Natural Gas is conveyed direct to your home via gas piping through the gas network so there’s no necessity to store any fuel on your property. It connects to a gas meter that is commonly rented from your natural gas supplier.

Exchanging an inefficient ‘standard’ gas boiler for a highly efficient contemporary condensing boiler is a relatively straightforward procedure.

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