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Renewable Energy Newark, Nottingham, Grantham, Leicester & Lincoln

Keith Sell Plumbing & Heating Engineers are pleased to offer our hand-picked range of renewable energy resources, which we will install in either your home or commercial premises in Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Leicestershire.

There are a number of various types of renewable energy options, and we install the following:

Solar Thermal Water Heating

Solar Heating technology offers an unpolluted, beneficial and eco-friendly form of energy. Directly connected to your hot water system from a South, or almost South, facing sloping or flat roof, the solar energy is caught by the utilisation of panels on your roof, or mounted vertically on a frame; the energy gained is then used to heat water in a hot water cylinder.

The Advantages Of Solar Water Thermal Heating:

  • Constant hot water all year round, although, depending on how much winter sun there’s been, you may need to heat the stored water further with an immersion heater or a boiler
  • As sunlight is totally free, after the cost of the installation, look forward to no more hot water/central heating bills
  • Solar hot water is environmentally-friendly – therefore, no carbon footprint
  • Because it’s eco-friendly, no harmful release of carbon dioxide or other damaging pollutants
  • Can save up to 70% on your hot water running costs per year

Solar Power is one of the most untainted, lucrative, ecologically aware and continuous means to be had in order to generate free of charge electrical power for your home or business.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump is a very beneficial way of providing heating to your work place or living space. Keith Sell Plumbing will supply and install a first class heat pump that is effective and fully competent in the delivery of heat energy that is unattainable through existing heating methods.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps take in heat from the air outside. This heat can then be employed to heat up water for under floor heating systems or radiators, or to heat the air in your business premises or your home. The use of air source heat pumps are now seen as an environmentally friendly form of energy production, which gives us extremely low cost heating options for both households and companies alike.

The Benefits Of Air Source Heat Pumps:

  • Reduction of Heating Costs – as these pumps are powered by electricity – no more gas, solid fuel or oil bills
  • More efficient than electric or night storage radiators

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps employ pipes which are buried in your garden in order to remove heat from the ground; normally for warming water for underfloor heating systems or radiators. On the other hand, it can be used to pre-heat water before being transferred to a standard boiler, cutting down on energy use. Underneath the surface of the earth, heat stays constant, therefore allowing a ground source heat pump to be used all year round – even in the coldest of weather.

Ground source heat pumps have minimal maintenance so they remain eco-friendly and totally dependable in producing heat for decades.

The Advantages Of Ground Source Heat Pumps:

  • Do away with your fuel bills
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps are powered by electricity, and if you have Solar Panels, they won’t cost you anything
  • Much more efficient than conventional heating
  • A Ground Source Heat Pump will reduce your CO2 production, saving about 540kg of carbon dioxide annually when substituting a conventional boiler

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